20 Best Online Courses for Remote Job Seekers

You would also have to seek out opportunities to gain industry experience and hands-on practice. It is thus best to opt for programs that include such components in the curriculum. Enrolling in an online IoT course can support your quest for knowledge and keep you engaged during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chris Benjamin is known to be incredibly responsive and he is easy to interact with on the SkillShare website if you have any questions throughout the course. The school’s current dean, Ash Soni, was Kelley’s Director of Technology during my tenure in the 1990s, and his vision for national excellence was apparent even then. A professional credential in networking can serve as a testimonial of your competencies to hiring managers and make a strong first impression.

Introduction to Personal Branding, Coursera

This nearly 19-hour-long course from Cybrary teaches IT professionals how to secure cloud and network infrastructure, encrypt data, and prevent cyberattacks. The course draws on CompTIA’s 40 years of experience in training and certifying IT professionals. It heavily focuses on the strategy and vocabulary you need courses for remote jobs to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam. With this, we have put across the most relevant and trending courses lockdown has brought to the fore. We attempted to make you aware of the available options and make an informed choice about your career. So, pick a certification that matches your needs and start learning.

best courses for online jobs

So, start your personal training with a college-level (and taught by a professor of business law) negotiation class, and you’ll have no problem with dealing clients near and far. For most certifications, you can read our detailed reviews to learn more about the structure and costs of the lessons. The review was performed by an experienced marketer with more than 15 years of working remotely. The course also requires at least 25 hours of project management education and months of experience leading projects.

Career Success

Since you are your own boss, you can decide which clients to work with and what projects you want to work on. Not bitcoin, but blockchain, the decentralised technology that may just change our world. In under an hour, you’ll learn why negotiation is important, how to research salary ranges, and understand how equity plays a role in salary negotiations. This University of Maryland course shows you how to research and really find what a company is looking for, so that you can reflect it in all your interview answers. With peer feedback and hands-on activities, this free SUNY online course is meant to leave you with a fully finished resume by the end.

Available are also courses focused on new technology like Blockchain or FinTech. In this list are courses provided by trustworthy learning platforms and top companies. It’s all here — whether you’re looking for an industry-specific course, training for students, or a course for unemployed people. These days, understanding databases and SQL is essential not just for data science but many tech roles. Fortunately, Khan Academy’s Intro to SQL unit—one of eight units in their computer programming course—provides a beginner-friendly introduction to structured query language (SQL). And, of course, like CareerFoundry’s other programs, you’ll have access to 1-to-1 mentoring, job search support, and a job guarantee.

Want to become a CNA in New York?

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification, offered by Microsoft Learn, goes beyond the basics, delving into more advanced functions of the suite. Google Analytics for Beginners, offered by Google Analytics Academy, provides a comprehensive introduction to help you leverage data insights. If you want easy recruiting from a global pool of skilled candidates, we’re here to help. Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and prepared for impactful careers in tech. New York has the one of the highest CNA employment, according to the U.S. New York is also ranked top 5% in the nation for CNA wages, which average at $17/hour, and can start at $40,000 a year.

best courses for online jobs

Sales is almost the oldest profession around and the key skills haven’t changed for millennia. Connecting this paradox is this excellent online course for remote jobs in sales. If you’re interested in working at the intersection of technology and design, then a career in user experience (UX) could be a good fit. Help https://remotemode.net/ make products more usable, enjoyable, and accessible with a host of remote-friendly tools. Take an active role in protecting your company’s data, computers, and networks from cyberattacks and data breaches as an information security analyst. Cybersecurity has become even more critical as more people work from home.

Online Training

One of the accredited courses that can help you obtain and improve your computer programming skills is Master’s in Data Science. You can also check out upGrad’s Executive MBA program from NMIMS Global Access School. The degree is AICTE-approved and incorporates a three-month capstone project and one-on-one interaction with industry mentors. BI professionals put their numerical ability to work and solve real-world business problems.

  • Create and maintain websites, programs, and computer or mobile applications as a developer.
  • I’m Swati, a proud mom, dedicated side hustler, full-time blogger, and a recognized millennial work-at-home expert.
  • These courses teach a variety of skills that could allow you to move up the ranks or achieve a new career entirely.
  • According to the 2023 ISC2 Global Workforce Study, the cybersecurity workforce grew to an estimated 5.5 million, signifying a massive growth trajectory.
  • Bloom Institute of Technology aims to help people get well-paying jobs faster and with less risk.
  • Web development and programming is the fastest growing remote category right now.
  • One of the top-rated certifications you can pursue and get a remote job is the Digital Marketing Certification by Reliablesoft.

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